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Dermalogica – Precleanse



As I remove the cap and peel off the seal, I take a quick sniff; it smells divine, just like a lovely spa filled with the aroma of natural, warm-scented ingredients.

PreCleanse is a plant-based cleansing oil which aims to thoroughly dissolve make-up, dirt, debris and oil to leave you with fresh, clean skin. Then, when you move on to the second step of the two-step cleansing routine (using your regular cleanser), your cleanser can work harder and more effectively.

Wearing the remnants of a day’s make-up, together with a full day of shine and no doubt a handful of grime from my tube journey, I feel that my skin has collected enough make-up, dirt and debris to give PreCleanse a run for its money!

Keeping your face dry, dispense a relatively small amount of PreCleanse on to dry hands and massage it over your face and eyes. The smell makes the product instantly appealing, along with the gentle and soft texture of the oil. It’s recommended that you concentrate on working the oil into areas of particular congestion. It’s easy to use, feels silky soft and you can see the PreCleanse doing its work and loosening any make-up.

Next, wet your hands and then continue massaging, as this hydrophilic (water-loving) cleanser turns to a light, milky emulsion. Finally, fully rinse your face.

You instantly feel like your skin is more deeply cleansed and the best bit is that your skin doesn’t feel dry or stripped of oil. In fact, it feels more nourished. You then follow PreCleanse with a recommended Dermalogica cleanser or with your own preferred cleanser and then toner if required. (I personally love the Avene cleansers and toners – each product contains Avene Thermal Spring Water and there’s something to suit all skin types…..but that’s another review in itself!).



All the grease, grime and build-up from a busy day have been completely removed. You definitely feel like you have achieved a more professional cleaning result when using PreCleanse as a first step in your cleansing routine. Suggested for all skin types, the natural plant-based formula would be gentle and nourishing enough even for dry skin types.

After a few days of use, your skin starts to feel softer and smoother too. I will be continuing to use this product and I would highly recommend it for those looking to get a deeper clean from your beauty regime.



If you want to buy this product online, try the Norwich Health Shop. Prices are lower than most of the recommended retail prices, they offer free UK delivery, send you free Dermalogica product samples and overall offer an impeccable service.

Dermalogica PreCleanse – 150ml – RRP £31.50 – Norwich Health Shop £23.63 (price correct at time of publishing).




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