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Ask The Experts – How To Choose A Destination Wedding Photographer

05/06/2014 | 0

Alex and Lisa Riad El Fenn (70)


When you’re getting married abroad, knowledge is power as you’re stepping slightly into the unknown! So, wouldn’t it be great to get some expert advice and helpful hints from knowledgable peeps within the wedding industry? This is especially true when it comes to booking vendors for your destination wedding.


Bohemian weddings are on hand today with guidance on things to consider along with some top tips on how to choose a destination wedding photographer for your worldwide wedding…. 



Bohemian Weddings:

Put simply, destination weddings are beautiful…..there are so many pluses in having a ceremony in another country it would be difficult to acknowledge them all. You virtually get to pick your weather and location, from sunny beaches to Italian vineyards the choice really is yours. However planning a wedding in your ideal location, with the details you have in mind in another country can take some time and effort.


There is much to be done in terms of researching and contacting vendors so that you can really have your day the way you want it. The perfect location you have been dreaming about and spent hours researching is at least a plane ride away so you can’t necessarily meet all of the vendors involved face to face, so it is great that blogs such as You Mean The World To Me exist as it bridges the gap between you and inspirational trusted vendors.

Finding the right wedding photographer is actually pretty simple and choosing a destination photographer doesn’t have to be difficult either. Here’s our guide on how to choose a destination wedding photographer for your worldwide wedding….


Alex and Lisa Riad El Fenn (63)


First of all know that you have options. These options will vary dependant on two main factors that every couple getting married should consider before seeking out any vendors. Firstly how important your wedding photos are to you and secondly budget, preferably in that order. Everyone is different and that it is a good thing! So for me or anyone else to say that you should spend a certain percentage of your budget on a photographer is impossible. We don’t know what aspects are most important to you or what your budget is or your plan for the day.


This is the hard part….it is down to you as a couple to work out your budget and what elements are most important to you. Luckily there are options to suit all budgets so once you have had a real hard think about all aspects of your wedding, the allocated budget and what you feel is most important you can then start your search.



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