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Engagement Shoot – Rustic Americana

08/09/2014 | 2

Getting Married Abroad Blog

Kaitlyn & Ryan   ♥   Texas, USA

Photographer:   jFairchild Photography


Today’s engagement photography epitomises the style of love shoot that I enjoy to share on You Mean The World To Me (and hopefully that means it is the kind that you love to see too!).


Engagement shoots have become so popular in recent years but the ones that really stand out succeed in capturing the essence of the personalities, expresses their individual style, and are set within surroundings that have meaning and represent something of the couple. Of course amazingly artistic photography, unique and characterful locations, and a cool (not to mention beautiful!) couple all helped this engagement shoot to be worthy of the pages of a glossy magazine!


Engagement shoots are a special gift to treasure; they capture the memorable moments before you are wed, but they are also probably your first (and quite possibly your last?) professional photographs of you as a couple, beyond your wedding day pictures. Having relaxed, less formal photos of you as a pair is certainly something to cherish and I’m quite sure that Kaitlyn and Ryan value this stunning shoot of them – by the talented Jen Fairchild – immensely. Anyway, here’s Jen to tell you more…



Getting Married Abroad Blog

Getting Married Abroad Blog

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