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Engagement Shoot – Breathtaking Piha Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

15/06/2015 |

Getting Married Abroad Blog 24

Antonia & Bristow   ♥   Piha Beach, New Zealand

Photographer:   Kats Photos


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting New Zealand you’ll have witnessed some of the most breathtaking and diverse scenery in the world, first hand. From towering icy blue glaciers to active volcanoes, from mesmerising mirrored lakes to palm fringed-beaches and everything in between, these temperate islands in the South West Pacific Ocean are home to a completely unique and varied landscape.    


Piha Beach sits on the wild west coast of the Auckland Region, on the North Island of New Zealand. Piha is one of the most popular beaches in the area (it’s not hard to see why, hello azure blue-ocean, tall dramatic rocks and pristine sandy beach!), however Antonia and Bristow managed a few quiet moments all to themselves in this magical setting, creating some of the most beautiful engagement photographs that you’ll probably ever see.


Over to the lady behind the lens to tell you more about this cute couple and these downright gorgeous images…


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