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Friday Five – Top Tips For Hosting A Hotel Wedding

04/04/2014 | 2

Getting Married Abroad

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It’s Friday – woohoo! And that can only mean one thing…..that it is time for Friday Five. 

This week’s Friday Five is brought to you by the lovely Lauren from My Hotel Wedding, a wedding blog based in sunny Los Angeles (not jealous at all!) that is designed to be your one-stop site for seamless hotel wedding planning. Over to Lauren, for her top tips for hosting a hotel wedding…


Greetings You Mean The World To Me Readers!

My name is Lauren and I’m so honored to be writing a post for you today on my favorite subject, hotel weddings. Working for a luxury hotel company for the past five years taught me a lot about hosting hotel weddings and inspired me to start my own website, My Hotel Wedding. But enough about me, now it’s time to give you some tips for your wedding day!


Five top tips for hosting a hotel wedding:


Always ask about wedding packages


Lots of hotels offer wedding packages, which are often times a better deal than planning your wedding a la carte. However, if you’re couple that would like a very unique wedding menu, then a wedding package may not be right for you as they often have less flexibility. So ask about other options.


Getting Married Abroad

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Remember to contract your room block


The room block is one of the best parts about having a hotel wedding as it enables your wedding guests to easily stay at your hotel. When negotiating your wedding at a hotel, remember to ask about the room rate for 10 rooms or more. Once you have the rate and contract signed, get the news out to all your guests so they can make their reservations as many times room blocks are based on availability.


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