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Love Shoot – Surfing In San Diego

27/01/2015 | 0


Nikki & Chris   ♥   San Diego, USA

Photographer:   Callie Riesling Photography


Chris and Nikki have been together for 7 years and live in the cool coastal city of San Diego. With an unstoppable passion for surfing, they’ve both worked as surf instructors and share an adoration of the ocean.


So, it made complete sense for them to take off to a scenic spot and surf the sunny waves of Cali along with their photographer friend Callie Riesling to capture their togetherness whilst enjoying what they love to do, in the place that they home.


Bring on spring, warmer weather and sunlit trips to the beach! Seriously, is there anything better in life?!




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Engagement Shoot – Streets Of London

05/01/2015 | 0

Engagement Shoot

Christia & Yannis   ♥   London, UK

Photographer:   Elias Kordelakos


Welcome to 2015 folks and a warm welcome to any new readers to the blog! 

Were you proposed to over the festive season? If so…congratulations!!! What a super exciting time for you, enjoy every moment of the celebrations…oh and if you’re thinking of getting married abroad, you have of course come to the right place! There will be a plentiful supply of destination wedding pretty to feast your eyes on this year and of course top tips, advice, ideas and inspiration.


So with it being a brand new year and with newly engaged readers joining us today, what could be a better way to start 2015 than with a bright, springtime engagement shoot in everyone’s favourite city – London.


If your partner has just popped the question or even if you’ve been wearing your ring for ages, an engagement shoot is a great way to document this special time in your life. A love shoot is also the perfect way to get used to having your photo taken before your big day and if you have your shoot with your chosen wedding photographer it means that you get to meet and bond prior to the wedding day too.


Anyway back to the capital city…did you know that an estimated 18.7 million international visitors came to enjoy the delights of London during 2014? This whopping figure makes London the world’s most popular city for foreign tourists (info via Conde Nast Traveller) and if you’ve had the pleasure of spending some time in the big smoke then you’ll know why it is a firm favourite with visitors near and far.


Every metropolis has its hidden gems far beyond the tourist sights and I believe you don’t get to fully understand a city and truly experience its vibe until you discover its underbelly. With this in mind today’s photographer Elias Kordelakos guided Christia and Yannis (who first met each other in this cool city) away from the London landmarks and instead captured their happiness in the streets of London that the locals know and love.


London Engagement Shoot

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Engagement Shoot – Santa Barbara Bliss

15/12/2014 | 2

Getting Married Abroad Blog

Cynthia & Jason   ♥   California, USA

Photographer:   Kiel Rucker Photography


Sometimes you visit somewhere and not only do you fall in love with the place, the people and the ambience, but you just instantly feel at home; you can imagine yourself living there with ease, everything just feels right.


Santa Barbara is one of those locations for me. Although it is almost 10 years since I visited this lovely coastal corner of California, its positive impression has never left me.


Maybe it was because I was staying with friends who could show me what it was truly like to live in this picturesque part of the world, it could have been the love I found of living so close to the ocean yet still surrounded by imposing mountain ranges, or possibly it was the laid-back Cali atmosphere and the clean stylish streets. Whatever it was all those years ago, Santa Barbara most certainly won me over and I’d even go so far as saying that I left a little piece of my heart there.


I would love to go back one day (or to have the opportunity to live there) and if you haven’t had the pleasure of taking a trip to the sunny shores of Santa Barbara, I’m sure that these stunning photographs from Kiel Rucker Photography will inspire you to take a trip there.


Cynthia and Jason headed to the hills for a splendid sunset engagement session. With Knapp’s Castle – a landmark, ruined mansion in the Santa Ynez Mountains near Santa Barbara – as a backdrop and a wonderfully romantic soft light, this couple’s shoot is pure dreamy Santa Barbara bliss.


Getting Married Abroad Blog

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Love Shoot – Cliff Jumping In Hawaii

02/12/2014 | 8

Getting Married Abroad Blog

Katherine & James   ♥   Kona, Hawaii

Photographer:   Kibogo Photography


Well today’s love shoot is certainly something a little bit different!


Dare devils Katherine and James obviously have a thirst for adrenaline! Their past time passion is for cliff jumping and so they took off to a beautifully scenic spot in Hawaii (although I’m quite sure that every corner of the Hawaiian Islands are beyond-breathtaking) with their photographer friend Tanja to capture themselves on camera, doing what they love to do, together.


Don’t try this at home kids!


Getting Married Abroad Blog

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Engagement Shoot – Rustic Americana

08/09/2014 | 2

Getting Married Abroad Blog

Kaitlyn & Ryan   ♥   Texas, USA

Photographer:   jFairchild Photography


Today’s engagement photography epitomises the style of love shoot that I enjoy to share on You Mean The World To Me (and hopefully that means it is the kind that you love to see too!).


Engagement shoots have become so popular in recent years but the ones that really stand out succeed in capturing the essence of the personalities, expresses their individual style, and are set within surroundings that have meaning and represent something of the couple. Of course amazingly artistic photography, unique and characterful locations, and a cool (not to mention beautiful!) couple all helped this engagement shoot to be worthy of the pages of a glossy magazine!


Engagement shoots are a special gift to treasure; they capture the memorable moments before you are wed, but they are also probably your first (and quite possibly your last?) professional photographs of you as a couple, beyond your wedding day pictures. Having relaxed, less formal photos of you as a pair is certainly something to cherish and I’m quite sure that Kaitlyn and Ryan value this stunning shoot of them – by the talented Jen Fairchild – immensely. Anyway, here’s Jen to tell you more…



Getting Married Abroad Blog

Getting Married Abroad Blog

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It’s A Beach Life – Montego Bay

26/08/2014 |

Getting Married Abroad Blog


After spending a lovely (although pretty wet and rainy!) August bank holiday weekend by the beach in Cornwall, I couldn’t help but stay in a beach life state of mind by sharing these magical Montego Bay moments!


One of the great things about a destination wedding (although there are many!) is that it is more than a one day event. The day’s surrounding your wedding will be just as overflowing with love and laughter as the big day itself, so use the extra time to your advantage and plan great get-togethers for your guests and steal away for some alone time with your partner and be sure to get as many photographs of these memorable moments as possible.


Chelsey and Doug tied the knot in magical Montego Bay in Jamaica (be sure to take a look at their blissful beachside wedding here) and the day after their nuptials they took advantage of being surrounded by stunning scenery and headed to the beach with their photographer Sara, of Sarunia Photogoraphy to capture this special time of being newlyweds.


Getting Married Abroad Blog

Getting Married Abroad Blog

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