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Real Wedding – New Year’s Eve Party In Perth

03/03/2015 | 3

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Nikki & Felipe   ♥   Perth, Australia

Photographer:   Sarah Christensen Photo


I’ve always thought that New Year’s Eve would make a great day for a wedding; all of your guests will be in full party mode and what could be a more memorable and romantic way to bring in the new year?!


Felipe is originally from Brazil and Nikki from Perth, however they both now reside in New York City, so they chose Nikki’s homeland of Western Australia as a central meeting point for family and friends from all over the world to come together and celebrate their nuptials.


And celebrate they did! Nikki and Felipe set their hearts on throwing a New Year’s Eve wedding party to remember, and they certainly welcomed the New Year in with a bang, with the city’s famous firework display illuminating the sky overhead at the stroke of midnight.


I must also of course mention Nikki’s fabulous NYE bridal look, I’m sure that you’ll all agree that she couldn’t have picked a more suitable ensemble! 


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Baby You’re A Firework

05/11/2013 | 0

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Image: Sparklers Online via Loverly

You Mean The World To Me

“Remember, remember the fifth of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder treason, should ever be forgot…”


Make sure your wedding celebrations go off with a bang!  Light up your big day with a fireworks display, make your reception sparkle by creating a send off with sparklers, or brighten the night sky with pretty paper lanterns.


Fire-eaters, flame-throwers or impressive fiery entertainment will create an event that’s guaranteed to be one to remember, remember like the fifth of November!

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You Mean The World To Me

Check with your venue on their policy regarding fireworks and if they can provide a supplier or if you need to work with them to find someone locally. Is there somewhere your guests will be able to stand to see the fireworks clearly? Will your guests be warm enough standing outside?


Think about what time you would ideally plan to set fireworks off – be aware of when the sunsets and the timing of any other entertainment you have planned and arrange accordingly. Find out what the latest legal times are for lighting fireworks where you are. For example, it is illegal to use fireworks after 11pm in the UK (except for Bonfire Night and New Years Eve which have later allowances).

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