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Ask The Experts – Engagement Ring Styles

06/09/2013 | 1

You Mean The World To Me

You Mean The World To Me

There are some things in the world of weddings that you just can’t beat getting expert advice on.

So we thought, what better than for us to bring the top wedding specialists to you? We’ll be asking the professionals for insider knowledge and to share their pearls of wisdom in all the need-to-know areas, to help you along your wedding planning journey.


Over the coming months, the experts at Wedding Rings Direct will be letting us in on their wonderful world of engagement and wedding rings.

Today they are starting at the very beginning, with helpful hints and tips for choosing engagement ring styles for those of you that are nearly or newly engaged.

We’ll hand you over…

You Mean The World To Me

Wedding Rings Direct:

You’ve decided you want to pop the question or you’ve both come to a decision to get married. Whatever your budget is for an engagement ring it is a very important purchase that you want to get right as it’s going to be on her finger forever!

This blog post will give you some pointers on the different styles of engagement rings, to help you find the right ring for your right lady! Next month’s blog post will give you a crash course in diamonds to help you understand the different cut, carat, colour and clarity of diamond to choose.

The style of the ring is one of the first things to think about, has your future bride pointed out any rings she likes? Is her style quite classic or does she prefer a vintage look? The style of engagement rings do vary and sometimes people opt for a style that isn’t a ‘usual’ engagement ring but suits the person who will be wearing the ring, for example a band set with diamonds all the way or half way round and not a ring with a single stone.


You Mean The World To Me

You Mean The World To Me

Another thing to consider when choosing her engagement ring is the kind of wedding ring she will later be wearing with it, some engagement rings are ‘wed fit’ which means a wedding ring can fit perfectly next to the ring; if a single diamond is set high enough for the wedding ring to sit next to/under it. However some engagement rings will need a shaped wedding ring so both the rings sit nicely next to each other.


You Mean The World To Me

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