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Ask The Experts – Choosing Your Wedding Ring Style

05/12/2013 | 0

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There are some things in the world of weddings that you just can’t beat getting expert advice on.

So we thought, what better than for us to bring the top wedding specialists to you? We’ll be asking the professionals for insider knowledge and to share their pearls of wisdom in all the need-to-know areas, to help you along your wedding planning journey.


Over the coming months, the experts at Wedding Rings Direct will be letting us in on their wonderful world of engagement and wedding rings.

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Wedding Rings Direct:

In last month’s article we discussed the different metal options for your wedding rings and gave you the advantages and some of the drawbacks for each metal. This month we are looking at the different wedding ring styles, from a classic plain wedding ring to something a little bit different.


Plain wedding rings

This style of wedding ring is the most popular and traditional choice. The main decision to make here is the type of metal you would like to choose, so last month’s blog post will really be able to help you! You will also have to make decisions on your profile, which is the style of ring when viewed as a cross-section, a court profile is the most traditional which is curved on the outside and inside for a comfortable fit. Other profiles include Double Comfort, Flat Court, Flat-Sided Court, D-Shape and Flat wedding rings.


With a plain wedding ring you will also be able to select the width and depth of the ring; the majority of rings are between 2mm and 10mm. The width can affect the comfort of the ring, and even the size needed. Depths are often referred to as light (1.3mm), medium (1.7mm), heavy (2.1mm), it is important to remember that these depths may vary from retailer to retailer.


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Shaped wedding rings

Many engagement rings will have a slightly raised stone(s) for a ring to fit next to it. Others will be set lower, meaning you will need a shaped wedding ring. There are shaped rings that may fit perfectly next to your engagement ring, if you have a unique engagement ring design you may need to get a bespoke wedding ring shaped around your engagement ring. Again you will need to select your preferred metal and width of ring.


Diamond set wedding rings

A lot of brides and even grooms are opting for a bit of bling on their wedding rings, to either complement their engagement ring or to ensure the wedding ring stands out on its own! Our blog post about diamonds may help in this selection, but remember for smaller stones you may not have a choice of colour and clarity as the diamonds are pre-selected to ensure they fit within the wedding ring band.


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