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Ask The Experts – Quick Guide To Choosing Your Diamonds

04/10/2013 | 3

You Mean The World To Me


There are some things in the world of weddings that you just can’t beat getting expert advice on.

So we thought, what better than for us to bring the top wedding specialists to you? We’ll be asking the professionals for insider knowledge and to share their pearls of wisdom in all the need-to-know areas, to help you along your wedding planning journey.


Over the coming months, the experts at Wedding Rings Direct will be letting us in on their wonderful world of engagement and wedding rings.

Last month’s feature which was full of helpful hints for choosing engagement ring styles. This month, the experts have some sparkling tips for choosing diamonds – whether you are nearly or newly engaged, or maybe you have your eye on an eternity ring!

So without further ado…


Wedding Rings Direct:

Following on from last month’s post about engagement ring styles, we are now helping you to understand diamonds.

Making sure you choose a diamond that meets your specification and budget can be overwhelming, but this post aims to help you make your purchase easy and simple to understand. The 4 C’s are a good place to start when trying to understand diamonds; Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity. The most popular diamond cuts are brilliant (round stones) and princess (square stones). There are other cuts available such as emerald and marquise.


 You Mean The World To Me

You Mean The World To Me

The colour of the diamond is measured on a scale from D to Z, D is colourless this allows more light to pass through, giving the diamond more sparkle. As the gradings progress through the alphabet to Z, the diamonds take on a yellowish/brownish tone. Anything up to colour H is considered white, with a hint of yellow appearing in diamonds graded from I onwards.

You Mean The World To Me

You Mean The World To Me

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