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Wedding Theme Inspiration – Pretty Purple Daze

09/10/2014 | 2

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Images: Claire Penn via You Mean The World To Me


There have been SO many pretty purple destination weddings on You Mean The World To Me recently that I couldn’t help but pull together some of the pleasing styles as a wedding theme inspiration post.  


Delicate lilac and lavender hues are teamed with dusky pinks and mauve tones whilst bright and bold purple is mixed with hot pink for an eye-catching palette. Set these shades against off-white and metallic accessories for a modern twist on a vintage-esque theme – which will work perfectly against a sunshiny backdrop if you are getting married abroad.


From bridesmaid dresses and bridal bouquets to groomsmen shirts and the grooms bowtie this trend can work beautifully across all aspects of your wedding day – you can even rev up the dance floor with some violet lighting or serve up some pretty plum coloured cocktails!


View More: http://comfortstudio.pass.us/lia-reza

View More: http://comfortstudio.pass.us/lia-rezaView More: http://comfortstudio.pass.us/lia-reza

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Darling Buds – Your Favourite Flowers

01/08/2013 | 0

JSS_4519Image: Prestige Photography via You Mean The World To Me


Some of you lovely You Mean The World To Me Readers shared what your favourite flowers are and why, to help inspire brides-to-be who are looking for ideas for their big day blooms.


First up were classic cream roses and daffodils, last week featured orchids, bluebells, hydrangeas and peonies and today you can enjoy some bright blooms – guaranteed to bring summer sunshine to any special occasion.



“For me, the sunflower resembles the sun and long summery days. Their vibrant colours are fun and brighten up a room. They are the flower of happiness and are a perfect choice for a day with friends or a celebration!”

– Natalie, London


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Above Images: Lindsay Carole via Wedding Chicks 

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Image: Samuel Potter via Wedding Chicks

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Brilliant Blooms – Your Favourite Flowers

09/07/2013 | 4

KatiePashleyPhotography34Image: Katie Pashley via You Mean The World To Me 



Unless you’re a real green fingers, you might find choosing your wedding day blooms a bit overwhelming.

A good place to start is by thinking about what flowers you really like. You might have a couple of old favourites, or perhaps you have flowers that have a special meaning to you, or if you’re a real flower novice (like we were!) start by looking at images of flowers and make a list of a few florals that catch your eye.


It is worthwhile paying a visit to some of your local florists for ideas and to see flowers in the flesh too. If you’re getting married abroad, find out from your wedding planner or florist what kind of flowers you can have and if there are any that you can’t have, as some flowers might not be available where and when you plan to get married.


To help you get started and to bring you a little floral inspiration, we asked some of you lovely You Mean The World To Me readers what your favourite flowers are and why and we’ll be bringing you the selections over the coming weeks. First up, we have two very different classics to show you today…


Cream roses

“I love the timeless, classic and sophisticated cream rose. As a flower they are beautiful and a little understated. Combined with pearls they take me back to the amazing glamour of the 50s. A really simple choice for a wedding but sometimes simple and understated wins every time…..”

– Kate, Manchester


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Image: Scobey Photography via The Knot

You Mean The World To Me

Image: Ultimate USA Weddings via You Mean The World To Me

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Image: Muriel Silva via Bridal Guide

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