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Engagement Shoot – Wildly Romantic Love

06/10/2015 |

You Mean The World To Me 01

Tenille & Chris   ♥   South Carolina, USA

Photographer:   Judy Nunez Photography


If you’re considering having an engagement shoot look no further for some serious wow-factor inspiration…


Today’s artistic love shoot took place at one of America’s most beautiful gardens – the Magnolia Plantation in South Carolina. Not only did the oldest public gardens in America create a wildly romantic setting but the couple’s talented photographer ensured that their final photographs portrayed their togetherness and their love of being creative…oh and their incredibly cute pooches too!


You Mean The World To Me 02You Mean The World To Me 03

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Engagement Shoot – Sunset At The Sunshine Coast

27/07/2015 |

Destination Wedding Blog 08

Laura & Andrew   ♥   Queensland, Australia

Photographer:   Swirltography


Engagement shoots are quite a rarity on the blog, unless there is a really interesting story to share with you about the couple, or the shoot took place with an amazing backdrop to boot (anything travel or destination related gets a thumbs up of course!).


However, Laura and Andrew celebrated their engagement on the beautiful beach of Noosa in Queensland, Australia, so I obviously couldn’t resist sharing these stunning snaps of the Sunshine Coast – what better way to brighten your Monday morning?!


Swirltography used the atmospheric light of sunset and beyond to capture some beautiful moments of this cute couple together. These are the kind of engagement photographs that are exciting! Not only do they capture this special moment in time, but they create unique imagery with you and your beau in, not just posed pictures. These engagement pictures are certainly hang-on-the-wall-worthy and I’m sure Laura and Andrew have done just that at home.


Destination Wedding Blog 09

Destination Wedding Blog 07

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Engagement Shoot – Sunset At Biscarrosse Beach, Bordeaux

17/07/2015 |

Destination Wedding Blog 07

Claire & Kevin   ♥   Bordeaux, France

Photographer:   OssaPhoto


I love it when you stumble across a totally new and exciting holiday locale that you knew nothing about previously, but that instantly makes you want to add it to your future must-visit list. One such delightful destination is the beautiful beach location that Claire and Kevin chose for their engagement shoot – Biscarrosse, situated on the Atlantic Coast in southwest France.


Apparently a renowned surfing spot that attracts surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers from across the whole of Europe, Biscarrosse is also surrounded by three inland lakes that come complete with water activities and is settled beside the largest forest in Europe (the Forest of Gascony), therefore developing itself into a family-friendly beach and outdoor activity vacation resort.


Biscarosse beach sports a busy beach life vibe with a central plaza and pedestrian streets that are packed with restaurants and bars with buzzing outdoor-terraces and as the sun sets the atmosphere comes alive with street performances and live music. Sounds like a truly idyllic summer vacay spot doesn’t it and could there be a more picturesque setting for a sundowner engagement shoot?!


This cute couple and their photography team (Ossama and his wife – film wedding photographers from OssaPhoto) wanted to capture the action, love and beautiful light of this stunning beach haven and draw us in to the feeling of an endless summer in France….I think that they did just that!


Destination Wedding Blog 01

Destination Wedding Blog 02

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Engagement Shoot – Breathtaking Piha Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

15/06/2015 |

Getting Married Abroad Blog 24

Antonia & Bristow   ♥   Piha Beach, New Zealand

Photographer:   Kats Photos


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting New Zealand you’ll have witnessed some of the most breathtaking and diverse scenery in the world, first hand. From towering icy blue glaciers to active volcanoes, from mesmerising mirrored lakes to palm fringed-beaches and everything in between, these temperate islands in the South West Pacific Ocean are home to a completely unique and varied landscape.    


Piha Beach sits on the wild west coast of the Auckland Region, on the North Island of New Zealand. Piha is one of the most popular beaches in the area (it’s not hard to see why, hello azure blue-ocean, tall dramatic rocks and pristine sandy beach!), however Antonia and Bristow managed a few quiet moments all to themselves in this magical setting, creating some of the most beautiful engagement photographs that you’ll probably ever see.


Over to the lady behind the lens to tell you more about this cute couple and these downright gorgeous images…


Getting Married Abroad Blog 01

Getting Married Abroad Blog 04

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Engagement Shoot – Hollywood Beach, Florida

23/02/2015 |

Getting Married Abroad Blog06

Stacey & John   ♥   Florida, USA

Photographer:   Earthmuse Photography


Are you totally over the wet and wintery weather? Longing to lay in the sunshine, feeling the heat of the sun’s rays and relax? Join the club!


Every year, as soon as January comes around all I can think about are blue skies, cocktails on the beach and swimming in warm waters!


Well, today’s beautiful beachy engagement shoot is to inspire all of us who want to beat the winter blues and are yearning for summer days or holidays!


Stacey and John headed to the bustling boardwalk of Hollywood Beach, South Florida to celebrate their engagement. Situated between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Hollywood is the epitome of Floridian fun.


Known as one of America’s beast beach boardwalks, the two and a half miles of pathway that runs alongside the Atlantic Ocean and the village of Hollywood and its cafe culture, is a mecca for sun worshipers, joggers, cyclists and roller-bladers.


Sounds like the perfect place for some winter sun and for today’s love birds to pop open some champagne and toast their upcoming nuptials!


Getting Married Abroad Blog01

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Love Shoot – Surfing In San Diego

27/01/2015 |


Nikki & Chris   ♥   San Diego, USA

Photographer:   Callie Riesling Photography


Chris and Nikki have been together for 7 years and live in the cool coastal city of San Diego. With an unstoppable passion for surfing, they’ve both worked as surf instructors and share an adoration of the ocean.


So, it made complete sense for them to take off to a scenic spot and surf the sunny waves of Cali along with their photographer friend Callie Riesling to capture their togetherness whilst enjoying what they love to do, in the place that they home.


Bring on spring, warmer weather and sunlit trips to the beach! Seriously, is there anything better in life?!




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