Real Wedding – Beautiful Chapel Ceremony In Bali

04/02/2015 |


Brooke & Drew   ♥   Bali, Indonesia

Photographer:   PhotoFactory Bali


Did you know that purple has reigned as one of the most popular colours for weddings for years? Well when you see a beautifully sweet, purple destination day like Brooke and Drew’s it’s easy to understand why!


This versatile and super-pretty hue works wonderfully against the sunny scenery of a destination wedding, so if you’re getting married abroad be sure to consider lovely lilac tones for your theme.


Like many couples before them, Brooke and Drew always knew that Bali would be the destination wedding location for them. They fell head over heels in love with this tropical paradise during their first holiday as a couple and after discovering that Ayana Resort and Spa offered everything that they both could wish for, they knew they needn’t look any further, they had found the wedding location of the their dreams….








Brooke the bride:

“We have been together for nearly eight years. We met through mutual friends back in the country town of Geraldton. It is really not an exciting story! haha!”


“The sparks flew instantly with us both, it was an immediate attraction. Being together was always fun, easy and something that seemed natural from even the early days. On paper we are both very different people, but for some reason were drawn to each other – they do say opposites attract! We have and will always be best friends, but it feels even better to say we are also husband and wife!”








“The proposal was on our six-year anniversary. Drew had been working away and wanted to take me out to our favourite restaurant, Nobu to celebrate.”


“After two amazing courses, a bentox box dessert was brought out to the table with two small gift boxes. Drew opened his to find a chocolate, and Brooke then opened hers to expect the same chocolate, only to find the most beautiful of engagement rings.”









“We always said that we would have our wedding in Bali as it holds a special place in our hearts being our first overseas holiday destination together seven years ago. The inspiration behind the day was a combination of both of us. Drew loves the ocean whether it is surfing or fishing, it is his favourite place to be. Drew has always pictured himself getting married on the beach somewhere soaking up the sun. I wanted a little more tradition in the wedding, wanting it to take place in a chapel with beautiful surroundings and have my Dad walk me down an aisle.”


“These ideas along with our personalities and the sentiment Bali holds for us, served as our inspiration for our wedding day. Ayana Resort and Spa was the perfect venue and location that combined the picturesque ocean as a breathtaking backdrop, with the glass chapel allowing for elegance and that element of tradition I was searching for.”












“We are so grateful to all our friends and family that travelled to Bali to celebrate our special day with us. Having our wedding as a destination wedding in Bali allowed us to spend not only the wedding ceremony and reception with our guests, but enjoy their company and extend the celebrations and excitement over days not hours. It is our friends and family that made our day as wonderful as it was! We love them dearly.”





What were the highlights and your favourite memories from the day?

  • Brooke: “Walking into the chapel, down the aisle and seeing Drew looking so handsome with the biggest smile. I also loved stopping for a second during photos on the cliff at the front of Astina Chapel at Ayana Resort and Spa and just taking in the beautiful scenery, the amazing ceremony that had just finished and our friends and family who were all beaming happily at us.”


  • Drew: “Having the rose petal flower shower at the end of our ceremony, where all our wedding guests made two lines at the front of the chapel and Brooke and I walked out only to be showered with handfuls of red rose petals. This has been captured beautifully by PhotoFactory in our wedding photos.”







Do you have any advice for couples who are looking to get married in Bali?

  • “Be as organised as possible, however also trust in your Mum, bridesmaids and wedding planner. On the day, those are the people that take on the stress of the wedding so you are able to enjoy the wonderful moments!”









Venue and suppliers:

Photographer – PhotoFactory Bali // Venue, wedding planner, catering, cake, stationery and decoration – Ayana Resort and Spa // Bride’s dress – Fara Couture // Bride’s jewellery – Mazzucchellis // Hair and make up – Wilson and Eka at Aspya Day Spa, Seminyak //  Groom’s suit – Politix //

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