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15/04/2014 |

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Planning a hen party is the most fun part of being a bridesmaid and girlie games are usually a popular part of any bridal shower. If you have a bride-to-be soiree to organise then a classic ‘Mr and Mrs Quiz’ always goes down a treat.


So, here’s some question suggestions to get you started with planning this quick-fire quiz.

Replace the ‘bride-to-be’ and ‘groom-to-be’ with the actual names of the couple and send the questions to the groom-to-be to answer. At the hen-party, gather the girls around and see how many of the answers the groom gave, that the bride-to-be can get right. Maybe you can arrange a forfeit for every question she gets wrong!


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We asked the groom-to-be:


  • What is the bride-to-be’s most embarrassing nickname for you?
  • What is your most embarrassing nickname for her?
  • Where did you have your first kiss?
  • What was the bride-to-be wearing when you had your first kiss?
  • What is your favourite part of the bride-to-be’s body?
  • What would she say is her favourite part of your body?
  • What is the bride-to-be’s worst habit?
  • What does she find most annoying about you?
  • Which celebrity does the bride-to-be think she looks most like?
  • Who was the bride-to-be’s childhood celebrity crush?
  • Who is the bride-to-be’s ‘shouldn’t but would’ celebrity crush? And who is yours?
  • Would the bride-to-be rather it rained on your wedding day or that she tripped walking down the aisle?
  • If the bride-to-be could save one thing in a fire what would it be? (Apart from you of course!)
  • What is the bride-to-be’s favourite film?
  • If the bride-to-be could choose one thing to eat for the rest of her life what would it be?



Getting Married Abroad Blog


Let’s see how much the bride-to-be knows about her hubby-to-be:

  • What colour are the groom-to-be’s eyes?
  • What did the groom-to-be say his favourite food is?
  • What is the groom-to-be’s favourite film?
  • If the groom-to-be could be anyone famous who did he say he would be?
  • If the groom-to-be were a superhero who did he say he would be?
  • Who did the groom-to-be say he thinks will be the most hungover after the wedding?
  • What did the groom-to-be say he is most scared of?
  • What would the groom-to-be grab in a fire? (Apart from the bride-to-be of course!)
  • What is the groom-to-be’s favourite meal that the bride-to-be has ever made him?
  • What secondary school did the groom-to-be go to?
  • What is the most embarrassing thing the groom-to-be said that he has ever done?
  • Where would the groom-to-be most like to go in the entire world?
  • Would the groom-to-be prefer you to dress up as a nurse, a cheerleader or a French maid?
  • What did the groom-to-be say is the most romantic moment you two have ever spent together?



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Images: Tonie Christine via You Mean The World To Me 

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