Food For Thought – Chic And Unique Black Wedding Cakes

01/08/2014 | 5

You Mean The World To Me

Image: via Garlic My Soul 


There’s something dark and mysterious taking over the wedding world…yes lovelies, believe your pretty peepers because chic and unique black wedding cakes are rising up across the wedding scene!


This latest tasty trend might be dusky but it ain’t half decadent! Classic black creates an extremely chic colour palette, especially if you’re getting married abroad and hosting a stylish city destination wedding. Why not go all-out with a monochrome or black and gold theme and give your wedding cake over to the dark side too?


This week’s Friday Five is a delicious feast for your eyes! Prepare to salivate over these five delightful black wedding cakes…


You Mean The World To Me 3

Image: Kristen Curette via 100 Layer Cake

You Mean The World To Me 1

Image: Bakministeriet via Burnett’s Boards

You Mean The World To Me 4

Image: Shannon Christopher via Every Last Detail

You Mean The World To Me 2

Image: Jen Huang via Style Unveiled

You Mean The World To Me 0A

You Mean The World To Me 0

Images: Lime Green Photography via Green Wedding Shoes 


What do you think? Could a black beauty of a cake be the delightful dessert for you and your wedding, or is it just too dark and daring? 



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  1. OMG this is the craziest thing! Just sent a guest post out yesterday about black wedding cakes. They’re so epic!

  2. I don’t see it often but black wedding cake is so tempting and intriguing

  3. Great choices! I love the beaded look of the second one.

  4. I agree with Sara. These are Epic!

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