Trash The Dress

Trash The Dress – Long Beach, New York

09/03/2015 |

Trash The Dress

Magdalena & Robert   ♥   New York, USA

Photographer:   RM Digital Photography


When you think of New York, you automatically imagine the urban mecca of Manhattan, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of…the last thing that would come to mind would be long stretches of white sand beaches and surfing spots.


However the beaches surrounding New York City and specifically their surf scene is growing rapidly in popularity. Less than 30 miles from Manhattan Island and just south of Long Island is Long Beach, a seaside city facing the Atlantic Ocean that sees locals and city dwellers coming to soak up the sun and surf the waves.


In 2011 Long Beach hosted the Quiksilver Pro, where pro surfers such as the famous Kelly Slater competed and the beach city hasn’t looked back since. So next time you’re visiting the Big Apple, be sure to book in some time to get out of the metropolis and explore the golden sands on the city’s doorstop.


Magdalena and Robert did just that, however this daring duo turned up to the coast rocking their wedding attire. This didn’t stop them enjoying everything that the coastline has to offer, as they trashed their getup in the swell of the waves with the summer sun setting beyond.


Trash The Dress

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Trash The Dress – Coastal Chic In Costa Rica

07/11/2014 |

Getting Married Abroad Blog

Lia & Reza   ♥   Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Photographer:   Julie Comfort of Comfort Studio


Many newlyweds are choosing the keep the celebrations going the day after their wedding by having a photo shoot, capturing those first moments of marital bliss on camera.


Destination brides and grooms are increasingly taking this trend to a new level; they literally dive right in at the deep end by turning a day after shoot in to a trash the dress session. In the surf, underwater, riding horseback and more, the creativity and imagination that can be brought to an abroad trash the dress session is limitless!


Lia and Reza said ‘I Do’ with a delightful destination day in Costa Rica. If you missed it you seriously MUST go and take a look – I guarantee that their modern vintage wedding will have you instantly obsessed!


This darling duo were faced with some rain on their wedding day and so decided upon a day after session on the beach with their super-talented photographer Julie of Comfort Studio for some stunning portraits in the sun.


Lia wore her wedding flower crown and held her bouquet. Both her and Reza trashed their outfits during the session however they cleverly chose to wear alternative ensembles so as not to damage their actual wedding day wear. If you love the thought of a trash the dress session but you don’t want to wreck your wedding dress, then Lia and Reza’s idea is the perfect alternative.


Getting Married Abroad Blog

Getting Married Abroad Blog

Getting Married Abroad Blog

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Trash The Dress – Sunny Sayulita Surf In Mexico

23/10/2014 |

Getting Married Abroad

Laura & Ramin   ♥   Sayulita, Mexico

Photographer:   Dekker Photography


Did you catch Laura and Ramin’s beach ceremony in Mexico on the blog a few weeks ago?

They decided to go off the beaten tourist trail in Mexico and tied the knot on a secluded sandy beach in sunny Sayulita – a charming fishing village situated on the west coast and famed for its surfing. Be sure to take a look if you missed it, it was overflowing with lovely local style and traditional Mexican charisma.


Not only did they have a darling destination wedding day but this daring duo decided that since they were getting married abroad, they might as well use the opportunity to trash the dress in the surf the day after their wedding!


Armed with their photographer they headed to the beach to rent two small fishing boats. All dressed up in their wedding garb, Laura and Ramin braved the high seas to visit some nearby islands before returning to shore and submerging Laura’s dress in the Sayulita surf!


Getting Married Abroad

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Trash The Dress – Dive Right In Dubai

29/05/2013 |

Dubai Trash The Dress

Charlie & Jono   ♥   Dubai, UAE

Photographer:   BlueCicada Photography


If you’re going to do a trash the dress session, this is how it should be done! The warm waters of Dubai look so inviting, you can see why Charlie and Jono were keen to dive right in.  


Charlie manages to look every bit the beautiful bride when she’s been climbing over oil slicked boats in the crazy temperatures of the Dubai summer and even after diving headfirst into the Arabian Sea!


Her gown looks just as gorgeous floating in the surf as it would have done on her wedding day, especially the twisted strap detailing on the back. **Dashing off to check out the designer of Charlie’s dress – Nicole Miller**


Trash The Dress Dubai 1

Trash The Dress Dubai 2

Trash The Dress Dubai 3


Charlie says:

“In true Dubai-style, Jono proposed to me post-brunch, which means post-all-you-can-drink-champagne, so we weren’t in the best state! Luckily he’d been prepared for a couple of months with a ring that he’d had made to include a diamond that was in my Grandmother’s engagement ring – good boy! Not sure how him and my Mum managed to keep that one secret from nosy me though!”


“As soon as I told my friend Caroline (who is a photographer – BlueCicada Photography) that we were engaged, she immediately offered to do an engagement shoot for us.”


“We wanted our wedding to be as relaxed and inclusive as possible, so we got married in London, where we first met 4 years beforehand. Our mum’s did the flowers and everything was a family affair, from the favours to the artwork. We used one of Caroline’s engagement snaps for our order of service leaflet – everyone loved it.”

See Charlie and Jono’s engagement shoot.


Trash The Dress Dubai 4

Trash The Dress Dubai 5

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