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Destination Wedding Guide – Getting Married In Las Vegas

31/07/2014 |

Getting Married In Las Vegas

Image: Fisheye Photos via Little Vegas Wedding


If you are thinking about getting married in Las Vegas then this Destination Wedding Guide is a great place to start!

And who could be better than the Las Vegas destination wedding expert Kelly, editor of the hugely popular blog Little Vegas Wedding, to bring you all of the inspiration and information you need to start planning your big day in vibrant Vegas?



Kelly from Little Vegas Wedding:

Are you ready to turn heads in the casino? Las Vegas is not just for quickie weddings anymore, they can be luxurious, heavily personalised and affordable.



Getting Married In Las Vegas

 Image: Bently & Wilson Photography via Little Vegas Wedding



Legal requirements

Nevada marriages are legal and recognised all over the world. Vegas weddings are infamous for being quick and easy in terms of paperwork and there is no waiting period or blood tests required, so weddings on short notice are possible. Your officiant or wedding planner will typically be able to help you and talk you through the legal paperwork process.


Some countries do require an Apostille and proof of that the marriage ceremony was performed, which consists of a certified copy of the marriage certificate. Some countries may also require a certified copy of the marriage license as well. Be sure to check with the appropriate agency in your country before leaving for Vegas. It is worth noting that British citizens must provide formal notification of an overseas marriage with the General Register Office before the Nevada wedding and then by depositing a certified copy of their marriage certificate (and possibly an Apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State) when they get home.



At this time Nevada does not offer same sex marriages. Your chosen minister or religious official must also be certified to perform marriage ceremonies in Nevada, search for approved officiants here.



Getting Married In Las Vegas

Image: Gaby J Photography via Little Vegas Wedding

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Destination Wedding Guide – Getting Married In Central Park

08/11/2013 |



New York City, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, the bright lights of Broadway and towering screens of Times Square, the hustle and bustle of Fifth Avenue, the fashion capital of the world, the iconic skyscrapers that command the skyline – if you’re a city girl, NYC is hard to beat when it comes to looking for a sleek, metropolitan destination wedding location.


And what better than to say “I Do” in the most romantic part of city – in the tranquil oasis of Central Park? There’s no denying it is one of the most famous locales too…

It’s where Carrie and Aidan go their separate ways in a real tear jerker moment at Columbus Circle, it’s where Carrie and Big meet for lunch and end up in Central Park Lake, it’s where Carrie and Miranda have lunch in the Ladies Pavilion in the first SATC movie, and the list goes on! But if you’re not a ‘Sex And The City’ fan, it’s also the most filmed location in the world! Need we say more?


If you fancy getting married in Manhattan, our wedding planning friends from Wed In Central Park are here to help with a great guide to getting married in Central Park….


Wed In Central Park:

Many couples come to New York City to get married.  There is a vast choice of locations for wedding ceremonies in the city, ranging from the sport fields to City Hall to one of the city’s beautiful parks.  One very popular location for both locals and visitors alike is Central Park.


Central Park was built in the 1850s, and the Upper East Side and Upper West Side areas of New York City grew up around it.  You can still see the mansions of this period lining the streets along the borders of the Park.  There are several structures within Central Park that lend themselves to weddings, depending on your preferences when it comes to size of party, privacy and distance from the entrances to the Park.  Be prepared to walk at least a little if you are planning a wedding in Central Park!


Ladies Pavilion:

One of the most popular locations is the Ladies Pavilion, a cast-iron structure with slate roof.  It was originally designed in 1871 as a shelter for trolley passengers.  It is no longer in it’s original location, and is now beside the Lake, offering iconic views of the water, with trees and tall buildings behind it.



Ladies Pavilion


Wagner Cove:

Another popular location for the smaller party is a rustic wooden shelter called Wagner Cove.  Many couples choose this because it offers some privacy, since it is hidden away by the Lake down some stone steps.


You Mean The World To Me

Wagner Cove


Shakespeare Garden:

Some couples prefer to be amongst the flowers, and at the right time of year the Shakespeare Garden is perfect for that.  It is a shaded, out of the way spot named for the famed English poet and playwright because the flowers in it are all mentioned in his plays and poems.  These locations tend to be popular with parties under twenty guests.

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Destination Wedding Guide – Getting Married In New York City

02/07/2013 |

You Mean The World To Me 4

 Image: Amber Johnson via Polka Dot Bride


If you are thinking about getting married in The Big Apple, then our Destination Wedding Guide is a great place to start. We bring you all of the inspiration, information and contacts you need to start planning your wedding in one of the most exciting cities in the world.


The bright lights of this big city make a sparkling stage for a chic metropolis wedding. Come sunshine or snow this vibrant concrete jungle is where weddings dreams are made of. Your guests will certainly be treated to a wedding to remember on the impressive and magical Manhattan island; visiting it’s famous landmarks, enjoying celebration drinks upon sleek rooftop bars and enjoying all things Empire State of Mind!

From grand and glamorous to small and intimate, there’s a wedding style to suit everyone (and every budget) in New York.


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Image: Dave Robbins via Snippet and Ink


Legal requirements

UK couples can legally marry in New York. The wedding ceremonies and the marriage certificate you receive are legally recognised as binding and are in accordance with UK laws.

The legalities of getting married in New York are quite straight forward, however it is always a good idea to use a wedding planner or to make good use of the hotel wedding coordinator (if you’re getting married in a hotel). It will give you peace of mind that everything is running smoothly from across the Atlantic as well as giving you a little hand holding on your arrival in New York – ensuring you’re stress free in the lead up to your big day.


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Images: Amber Johnson via Polka Dot Bride


Marriage License

You will need to obtain a marriage license when you arrive in New York at one of the City Clerk’s offices. Again, if you’re using a wedding planner, they will be able to talk you through this whole process.

  • The bride and groom-to-be need to appear in person at the office with their passports and birth certificates to obtain the license.
  • The marriage license is valid 24 hours after it is issued.
  • On your wedding day, the marriage license needs to be signed by the officiant, the witnesses and the bride and groom and then delivered back to the City Clerk’s offices.
  • The final version of your wedding certificate will then be sent to your home some weeks later.


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Image: Trent Bailey via Grey Likes Weddings

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