Destination Wedding Guide – Getting Married In Hungary

15/05/2014 |

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If you are looking to get married abroad and are wanting to find somewhere a little bit different and off the beaten wedding track, then a destination day in heavenly Hungary could be the location for you!


And who could be better to bring you all of the inspiration and information you need to for getting married in Hungary than the talented team of wedding planning experts at Hungarian Weddings? So, if you’re looking for information on how to get married in Hungary, look no further! This destination wedding guide to getting married in Hungary has all the details you need…



Hungarian Weddings:

Couples who choose Hungary as their wedding country all have on thing in common: they want to show-off Hungary to their wedding guests!

One of the most popular places and wedding styles to have is a luxury wedding in the beautiful, bustling city of Budapest. For this, couples choose a five-star downtown hotel as their wedding venue, with classic and modern styles to choose from, most of which overlook the darling Danube.




Images: Benedek Sas – Eskuvoi Fotok


The other well-liked choice is to have an authentic Hungarian countryside wedding. Here you can find thatched roofed buildings with red geraniums in the windows, incredible horse-shows (the so-called csárda and tanya – Hungarian ranches – are typical on the Great Plain) and lots of delicious Hungarian food.


The always-popular small castles are also loved by couples planning their nuptials in Hungary, but our new highlighted wedding venue ‘Wedding Garden Budapest’ has gone to the top of the wedding trend list!


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Wedding ceremonies


Civil wedding ceremony

In Hungary the legally binding wedding is the civil wedding. Foreign citizens can get legally married in Hungary, however bureaucracy and the time and effort it takes for the required paperwork often deters couples coming from abroad.


Therefore, most couples looking to have their destination wedding in Hungary have the legal civil ceremony at home first to complete the necessary paperwork and then they treat their ceremony in Hungary as their actual wedding day.


Symbolic wedding ceremony

The symbolic wedding ceremony has a similar feeling to a civil ceremony and is held by a ceremony keeper, however as previously mentioned this is not legally binding. It is very popular due to the impracticalities of being able to meet the requirements of an official civil marriage.


A symbolic wedding ceremony can be customized as per your wishes and such kind of wedding ceremonies can take place almost anywhere and anytime.


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