Buy Our Honeymoon Gift List Service

21/11/2014 |

Buy Our Honeymoon Gift List Service


I can’t believe how quickly the last few years have flown by. This time two years ago I had not long returned from a three-week trip of a lifetime – my amazing honeymoon to Los Angeles and Hawaii!


My hubby and I got married abroad in Ibiza and so we wanted to clearly communicate to our wedding guests that we certainly would not be expecting wedding gifts as them generously taking the time, effort and of course the cost to come out to our destination wedding was in itself the greatest gift we could have ever hoped for.


Some relatives expressed an interest in getting us a gift regardless, so we added to our invitations that a contribution towards our upcoming honeymoon would be gratefully accepted if anyone did wish to get us a wedding present.


“You being there to share our special and memorable day is the best gift we could receive. Other gifts are by no means anticipated or expected. However, for those who have expressed a desire to mark the occasion, American Dollars towards our honeymoon would be gratefully appreciated.”


Buy Our Honeymoon Gift List Service

Buy Our Honeymoon Gift List Service


Like us, many couples now suggest a contribution towards their honeymoon instead of having a traditional wedding gift list. More often than not couples live together before they are married, having accumulated most of the necessary bit and bobs for their home. So it makes perfect sense to focus instead on their upcoming vacation as newlyweds when it comes to lovely wedding gifts.


That’s where the Buy Our Honeymoon gift list service comes in! A honeymoon gift service that assists you in setting up an online list that can be totally personalised with pretty themes and allows you to incorporate all of the experiences and activities you’d love to do whilst you are away. I really wish we had heard of it when we got married!


Buy Our Honeymoon Gift List Service


The truly brilliant concept behind the Buy Our Honeymoon website is that instead of your guests giving you a contribution towards your trip and never knowing exactly what experience they personally gave you, on your Buy Our Honeymoon wish list you can include all of your desired gifts from a bottle of champagne in your hotel to a kayaking trip down the Ganges, from a romantic meal in a restaurant to a flight upgrade.


Each item on the wish list can include a full description with the relevant pricing added, enabling your nearest and dearest to select a treat, excursion or activity that they would love you to experience whilst knowing that it is also within their budget.


Your friends and family will benefit from feeling like they’ve given you a real present. Be sure to take photos of yourselves enjoying each gift too so that you can send a copy to the gift giver along with your thank you card, allowing them to see you appreciating their present!


Buy Our Honeymoon Gift List Service


The Buy Our Honeymoon website is sleek, stylish and user friendly; their new site design has just gone live which makes accessing your gift list whilst at home or on the move now even easier as you can put together your list using any device whether it be a PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone.


Buy Our Honeymoon Gift List Service Buy Our Honeymoon Gift List ServiceBuy Our Honeymoon Gift List Service Buy Our Honeymoon Gift List Service


Being fully customisable means that you can really put your own stamp on your list so it reflects your personality and/or your wedding theme! If I could go back in time and use Buy Our Honeymoon then I most definitely would, so when I was taking a peek around the website I had a little play around and created my reimagined honeymoon gift list with some of the items I would have added – take a look!


Buy Our Honeymoon Gift List Service

Images via Buy Our Honeymoon


Setting themselves apart from other honeymoon services, Buy Our Honeymoon is completely independent so you’re free to book your honeymoon and travel arrangements however and with whomever you like and instead of taking commission from the gifts that you are given Buy Our Honeymoon only requires a one-off setup fee.


So head on over to the snazzy new Buy Our Honeymoon website to find out more, enjoy a free trial and take advantage of this amazing exclusive discount…



The lovely folks over at Buy Our Honeymoon HQ have kindly offered You Mean The World To Me readers an exclusive discount.

A whopping 20% discount* off the normal setup fee!

Simply follow any of the links in this blog post through to the Buy Our Honeymoon website and the discount will be automatically added.


*Terms and conditions apply: The discount doesn’t apply to any extra services, such as additional notification cards or our Helping Hand service. If you choose to accept online payments from your guests, Stripe, GoCardless or PayPal fees and restrictions apply, and are likewise not subject to the discount.




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