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If you love luxurious homeware brands, you’ll already be familiar with Amara, the home of over 200 stylish fashion home brands.

Amara excels in chic and sophisticated interiors and not only that, they also have a brilliant bridal registry bursting with have-to-have homeware, making them the go-to industry experts for couples looking for a fashionable interiors wedding list.


Karen from Amara Bridal Registry has kindly offered to take the reins today and she’ll be discussing all there is to know about creating a wedding list, along with her top five must-have wedding list gifts of the moment…..


Karen from Amara Bridal Registry:

Wedding lists and the issue of to have or have not is a continual dilemma for all couples. As with so many things in life there are so many options and choices, you can even have a list for ‘experiences’ where your guests basically give you cash for you to spend on a day or two out.


Even though some think it is rather old fashioned and unnecessary to have a wedding list these days, I couldn’t disagree more. The nature of most people is to give a gift to express their love and admiration of commitment and to deny your guests this can cause disruption. The best way to handle questions of ‘is there something specific we can get you?’ is to be organised by drawing up a gift list or the prospect of 10 toasters is a possibility! After all you wouldn’t go to someone’s house for supper without taking some type of gift as a thankyou gesture. I think creating a wedding gift list is a part of your planning that should not be overlooked and should in fact be considered carefully.


You Mean The World To Me


Offering your guests the option to purchase from a wedding list gives them confidence in what they are buying and keeping your guests happy is a very high consideration when planning your wedding.


When you come to the Amara Bridal Registry you will be assigned a personal wedding list coordinator to help with advice as well as the general running of the list. You have access to over 200 brands and 8000 products the combination of which you won’t find anywhere else and even some exclusively online such as Roberto Cavalli and Ralph Lauren Home. As the gifts are purchased they are assigned to your own area within our warehouse until after the wedding when you can then use the money that has been spent as you wish. You don’t have to have any of the gifts if preferred and have a shopping spree at your leisure. Wherever you are considering creating your list, do your research and be sure you are getting the service and support you deserve.


You Mean The World To Me


Flexibility is the key, as you really want to keep it easy for your guests to use and also offer them a wide selection of gifts and costs to suit all budgets, from great aunty Doris to your boss.


Many brides today have already set up home but this is an opportunity to perhaps start a collection of a much longed for luxurious dinner service or indeed to re-style your home with designer items such as cushions and throws; or what about a totally decadent walnut and nickel chess board?


You Mean The World To Me


If you are looking to buy or select a gift that has the wow factor here are my top five picks of the moment…..


You Mean The World To Me


  • L’Objet white swan salt cellar £110

This stunning porcelain and gold salt cellar is from true luxury artisans L’Objet and is the perfect gift for the couple who have everything; with the congruous swans that mate for life, a beautiful analogy!


You Mean The World To MeYou Mean The World To Me


  • Missoni bathrobes £200

For the designer brand couple, who will appreciate a label even in the bathroom!


You Mean The World To Me


  • Baobab magical forest 40cm candle £590

The ultimate in home fragrance with pure burning wax this croc print leather clad, 40cm scented candle is perfect for the discerning home fragrance lovers!


You Mean The World To Me


  • Jonathan Adler Mr & Mrs muse mugs £24 each this show both sides of one mug!

These are great fun to add some merriment to the newly wed’s home from the American designer Jonathan Adler who creates happy chic designs that bring a general feeling of grooviness to the home!


You Mean The World To Me


  • Ralph Lauren Home marion vase from £150

The classic gift that will be welcome in any home; with beautiful lines and a practical element to boot!


How stunning is the porcelain and gold swan salt cellar – straight to the top of the lust-list!

Will you be having a traditional wedding gift list? It is a great idea for couples who are planning a destination wedding as it makes choosing a gift easy for your guests and of course they won’t have to bring the gift out to the wedding. How lovely, to return home from your abroad wedding and have your bridal registry ready and waiting for you, with simply a delivery date to confirm? 


Many thanks to Karen from Amara Bridal Registry for her top tips and favourite homeware finds. Take a browse through the Amara website for more fashionable finds and for further details on the bridal registry.  


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