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There are some things in the world of weddings that you just can’t beat getting expert advice on and so the experts at Wedding Rings Direct have been on hand over the last few months with helpful hints and tips with regard to choosing the perfect engagement and wedding rings.


This month they discuss a popular choice of engagement and wedding rings – vintage!


Wedding Rings Direct:

For this months blog post, we’ll be looking at vintage styled engagement and wedding rings.

Vintage themed weddings have been extremely popular over the last couple of years, which has come hand in hand with a trend towards vintage styled engagement and wedding rings. Brides and grooms are either choosing a new ring that has a vintage style, going for a truly vintage ring by scouring antique shops or being given family heirlooms.


During the reign of Queen Victoria, the British Empire had access to the diamond mines of the day, including mines in India and South Africa; during this era there was an increase in the amount of diamond set rings and towards maximising sparkle! This style was emphasised further by a mill-grain setting (shown above and below), filling the band to maximise the diamond and making it appear larger.




Modern rings which have been crafted with a vintage style are inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian era of ‘romance’ and sparkle. Brides and grooms can find the vintage style of ring(s) they love and then select their choice of metal, such as platinum, white gold, palladium, yellow gold etc. Selecting a new ring with a vintage twist also allows you to choose the cut and quality of the diamonds in the ring as well as finding a ring which also compliments your wedding or engagement ring.




Antique rings, which generally are more than 50 years old, have become a popular choice for brides and grooms who are looking to add a vintage, unique touch to their big day and future life together. When looking for this type of ring, it is important to be aware of flaws in an antique design such as internal cracks or damage as today’s quality may not apply to an antique ring and of course the ring has already received wear and tear! Do your research before and during your hunt and go armed with questions you want answered by the dealer to ensure you end up with a beautiful piece of jewellery which you love and will last.


A big thank you to Wedding Rings Direct for this month’s expert advice.


Have you gone antique or vintage style for your engagement or wedding ring or did your fiancé surprise you with a fabulous family heirloom? 


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