Ask The Experts – How To Care For Your Engagement & Wedding Rings

18/03/2014 | 0

You Mean The World To Me


The experts at Wedding Rings Direct have been on hand over the last few months with their top tips with regard to choosing the perfect engagement and wedding rings.


This month’s post is slightly different as it focuses on how to keep your beloved engagement and wedding rings clean, sparkling like new and in tip top condition.


Wedding Rings Direct:

Your engagement and wedding rings can come into contact with all sorts of things, whilst you wear them with pride! This post is a helpful guide to taking good care of your precious rings.


You Mean The World To Me


We are often asked the question about cleaning your rings at home; the majority of precious metals can be cleaned using shop-bought jewellery cleaner or by soaking it in a warm and mild solution of soap and water. Just gently rub the ring with a soft cloth to dry.


If you would like to remove the scratches that may be visible over time then precious metal rings can be re-polished. We would recommend you take the rings back to the jeweller you purchased your rings from in order to get them re-polished. Some of our customers have been worried that you can lose metal in the re-polishing process however only a very very small fraction of the metal is lost and won’t be at all noticeable. Obviously over a long period of time and with frequent re-polishing the weight of the ring you first brought will probably not be the same, but this really is marginal. Non-precious metal rings like Titanium and Zirconium can be re-polished, however Black Zirconium. Tungsten and Ceramic rings are not able to be re-polished due to their hardness.


You Mean The World To Me


Overall here are some top tips for keeping your rings in a good condition:


  • Avoid contact with chemicals as these can pit or discolour the ring
  • Don’t wear your ring whilst doing chores
  • To avoid severe scratching, remove your ring whilst doing hard manual tasks
  • Don’t store all your jewellery together, other jewellery is the most damaging items your jewellery will come into contact with.


You Mean The World To Me


We would recommend if you have diamonds in your ring that you get these checked every 6-12 months especially if it is a claw setting. The jeweller should check that the diamonds are still held in place securely. You can give this a quick check at home; if the diamond(s) wobble in the setting then it would be advisable to get these checked by a jeweller as soon as possible.



Thank you to the experts over at Wedding Rings Direct for these top ring care tips.

Does your engagement ring took like it needs a little TLC? Add to your wedding to-do list, to pop back to the jeweller where your engagement ring came from just before your wedding and get your ring cleaned, to ensure that it looks as sparkly as can be in your wedding photos.


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